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Nude Beach - Hot Ebony Posing

I had a few requests to repost some of the shots that I put up as "Lili" back in the late 90's. And lots of comments saying that I wasn't smiling. I blame my asshole (lol), er, uh, I mean husband for that. He likes the serious and sultry looks. So, here are some of the old shots and one recent one and I tried to pick ones that were less serious this time. Thanks for the positive comments. They have encouraged me to strip down and get in front of the camera again and my husband and I will plan on a totally new session specifically for naturist and probably even some RC. It may be a couple weeks but it IS cumming! all the people who commented about "taking care of yourselves" after looking at my pics; Thank-you. It made me feel good and admittedly, really turned me on.

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I dance for you. This was the second day of Spring Break, and I moved from the crowd to the side of the stage.You might have to excuse some of the pics, I was shooting mp4 and and pictures at the same time and trying not to fall into the crowd. Theres 217 more pics from this contest at the site.


Mary pregnant for you. Hi everyone... Again, THANK YOU for the great comments and encouragement!!! Out for a walk in the woods and it was such a beautiful day that I had to take some pics... I hope that you enjoy them as much as I did taking them... see ya soon