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Tea is a bit surprised at how many of the comments call her cute. I personally want to hunt down every person who has given her self esteem issues, because she is one of the most adorable girls I have ever known. There were requests for more from this day, and I love these shots of her taking off her panties. I love looking at her round little butt, and watching her undress is an incredible experience. I am helping her move in 2 weeks, and she is promising me a day of her time as a reward (I am talking to her on AOL now, and her writing that makes fort the coolest IM anyone has ever sent me online). Any ideas for pictures or avi for contributions or our site? I think this girl is seriously game for just about anything.

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I FEEL NASTY *We My Everything - here are some pictures of my stunning 42 year wife...have plenty of pictures (1000s) of my everything...most are suited for redclouds, but if voting is good...i will make her your everything also...later.


Why she's so SEXY! Stepping back from the games we showed Lana and Lance getting into in our last contri we need to review the actual beginning. It was a social gathering initiated with a champagne toast. We take up the action as Lana really started letting loose. (And grabbing hold.)