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candid jax beach spy crotch shot 95, nice cameltoe and ass

Pic and waiting....
Before we continue the walk, I would like to clarify one thing... I take these pictures myself because I love doing it, not because I can't find a photographer. I love the creative process of photography, and working with myself as the model is both challenging and rewarding. At least I usually don't have to argue with my model about which shots to submit, though you'd be surprised at how stubborn and perfectionistic she can be at times! ;) Ok... now where were we? Oh yes, I remember, but in case you don't... When we left off in part 1, I was standing in a great clearing on the riverbank, about 8 feet off the path, with my jeans at my ankles. The path had turned a corner to follow the river, and this little clearing was just off of that corner. If you forgot the first half of my walk through the woods, you might want to go back to see part 1 to refresh your memory! Continuing on... I thought that since I had come this far, I may as well go all the way. So I took the jeans off and laid them next to my jacket and sweater under a nearby bush. I reset the camera timer & went back over to the fence for the next shot. Right after the first totally naked shot, I heard someone jogging down the path toward me. My heart REALLY started pounding, because my clothes were on the OTHER side of the clearing, under a bush, and I was right out in the open, naked! I quickly got to the bush & ducked down behind it, next to my clothes. The bush was too bare... if the jogger had even glanced my direction, he would have seen me there! And my camera was still on the tripod, out in the open! Fortunately he didn't look, and once my pulse returned to an almost normal rate, I went back to taking photos. So... let's get back to work! :) Self-taken with Kodak DC210 digital camera and timer Hugs,

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AIDE Y SU PELUSA CACHONDA My last contribution had some appropriate critical comments concerning the quality of the photos. Several guys wanted to see more spread shots. I have included some with lots of hair and some witha trim. I aim to please.


Kisses. Francisca Last Sunday I went to the strand, but it was too cold to swim or even sunbathe.... Several men watched my exercises in the sand with visible excitement! Their attention then got me excited too...So everybody was happy in the end! Enjoy my nakedness!