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Lake Beach raw fucking

Loves to toss salad
Well, I finally got my wife of 11 years to agree to let me post here. A year ago, I had some pics and wanted to post them to show her I am not the only one who thinks she is sexy. We made a bet I knew I would win and her loss was my gain. By winning, I got to post in the E-contri section (under the name '411'). Then, she let me post on the BB. Now, she has agreed to a full nudistpost. She is not really into this but she's come a long way in the past year and lovingly humors me when I want to take pics. She is 32 and thinks having three kids ruined her body. This is just a random assortment of pics...any positive comments would be greatly appreciated. Thanks to the nudistgang for the great site.

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Just Enjoy ! And be NICE A lovely HELLO from Germany, I must say, I always thought, to play with a train is a thing for little boys - but that was a wrong statement of me - smile. For a girl it can be very nice too. If you wanna see more of me take a look at : Kisses to you all


Boobs, belly and feets! Last summer in Spain I used my temporary tatoo pencil on Anaelles' back : and i renewed the logo 3 times due to the water and sand. Unfortunately nobody seems to notice the logo... please comment : shall I tatoo her again next summer downtown ? with a bigger logo ? Ulyxes