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Nude Beach - Hot 69 on the rocks

My Indian girlfriend.
Barely halfway through my 20s, Emma can make me feel old. She likes a lot of 80s movies and music, but I feel a tad odd when there is something she is unfamiliar with. We were talking online about it, and she has been better lately about not making me feel bad (though she tells me she has always had a thing for older guys). Emma impressed me when she came over wearing this. It has a late 80s feel that totally takes me back. She says if I'm good, she may dress up like Tiffany for me, complete with teased bangs. Oh the photos and clip I could get, all the 80s fans on voy-zone and our website would dig it, I'm sure!

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so by the game Hi Everyone, Eve from Houston again. Just wanted to add some more shots from playtime with my favorite photographer. I love toys, but there's nothing like the REAL THING. More photos coming soon and a Redclouds web site. Licks, Photographer: Max


Un apres-midi d' t My 43 yo Wife's First Submission My wife and I have been married for more than 20 years. I have always had a great appreciation for her body and how hard she works to keep it firm. We hope you appreciate it too. This was a beautiful day up a canyon, we had a camera, and here are some of the results