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A day on the lake
Kate - You can title these Ybor series. As they were taken in Ybor, Florida....near Tampa. Every year they have a Gasparilla parade where it gets pretty wild. Supposedly, years ago Jose Gasparilla; a pirate, invaded Tampa. So they pay tribute every year. You can post these in the naked in public section. I will try to keep them in order. We saw some very interesting hoots throughout the night. Of course, if you have the beads, you will see the boobs. And of course we saw plenty of them. Can't wait until the St.. Patricks Day parade. We love your site and check it out daily. Thanks.

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Last summer at the lake After coming back from Tivoli, my lover took me to a zoo during a hot day. It was a good thing I was able to feel the breeze through the dress I was wearing. We tried to find places to shoot naked but it wasn't easy. Love,


Send me comments Thanks for all the nice comments on the last post!!! We got bored after dinner and drinks so she decided to play! We had fun and I hope you do too looking at these pictures! She took your advice and actually smiled...