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I have some downtime now that I am back at University, so my flatmate and I switched rooms to try and get a new perspective for the new year. I wanted to take some pics once I had it set up--I am not sure how long it will last, but I feel inspired by the change. I need to do something though about my skin--I feel so pale this winter. I like the outdoors, but the sun and myself have rarely gotten along. My schoolwork and the cold weather has also kept me indoors lately, so I am resolving to get out more. It's my only real New Years resolution--I spend an awful lot of time on my computer in my flat. Most often I am just browsing the web, writing emails, working on my website, and of course, goofing off when I should be studying. I seriously need to work on re-taming my study habits! LOL

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just wanted a reaction *Oc Mrs Sccouple Relaxing On The Deck - This is the first RC contri we've done in awhile, and we think it fits well with the current "On the Chair" theme! Mrs SC and I were hanging out on the deck and decided to snap a few shots, and this is the result. P.S. Hope it gets a vote or two as well! hehe!


Hey guys.. First Contri. I finally let husband take some digital pictures. I am new to this so please be gentle with comments. I am a 37 Yr. old white female, married with children. I decided to buy a new black outfit and a black toy to match to fantasize.