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Dear Big Daddy, I finally had a chance to wear the purple teddy. When I originally opened the package and saw this little outfit I immediately thought of Mardi Gras. Unfortunately I wasn't able to shoot down to the "Big Easy", so I did the next best thing. A friend of mine lent me her mask and feather boa from one her previous trips to Fantasy Fest and I had a little party of my own. Thank you for sending me this gift, I am sure it will see lots of adventures. Maybe next time I can wear it on the streets of Key West or New Orleans. Yours Truly,

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Can't get enough I was sunbathing when I heard the gardener arrive next door. Hubby dared me to lose the panties so I did. When the gardener got on a ladder to do the high bits, he suddenly stopped clipping. I pretended to be asleep and let my legs flop open a bit more. Not much work was done for quite a while :)


4-turning me on Hi Kate, You better post my pix....these are my contribution to your In Public Area. I like to show-off a little. Here are just a few, I have hundreds more if the response is good....I want to win in one of your contests......any advise??? Title these Marlene in public