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Hi gang, welcome to the new folks there, and super job onthe new stuff. Wanted to send in a couple of pics for the heck of it and to maybe see if I could earn an extra camera on your link to my site,. HEE HEE just kidden, Hope things are well and hope some folks are calling your number with donations. Hugs, Cindey **** Hi Cindey, an extra camera? No problem, you will have ten extras after our next update run. Not kidden.. We receive one or two phone calls per day and I will be a millionaire in 925 years....the real problem is the banner click rate....whenever I start to abuse our guests, it goes up to 10% (parasite rate 90% is ok) and when I stop to talk about the parasite rate it drops back to 1% again...makes me tired to talk about such obvious issues. From next week on we will close our complete server access whenever the parasite rate was higher than 95% during the last 24 hours for a duration of two hours and will only show one page telling our guests that there were not enough clicks to operate this site...After two hours we will open again and so on...lets see...the problem is that whatever we do also the 1% or 2% of super loyal fans have to suffer...I am still looking for a way to give them access even during those 2 hours..but how should I find out about that 2%???? ****

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I AM KING !!! Thank you for the comments, I did'nt think I would get any, let alone compliments. This calls for more! Next I would like to try a theme *HS or *BS what do you think? Thx again, the comments make even more fun : )


our first contris at vw This is my wife of 17 years 2 amateurs and still hot! These where taken one Sunday afternoon. would love to hear some good feed back maybe would be able in to talking her in to more. please don't show e mail thanks