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Pumped cock showing at the beach

another flash from work
Here is the 2nd part of a contri submitting some of the women I have been lucky enough to have had over the years. The rest can be seen in the contri called "Assorted Babes, Part 1." Anyway--since I can only submit 10 pictures per contri I have broken them up. Here is a little background information for you to read while the pictures load. Pictures 1-8 are an ex-girlfriend. I took hundreds of pictures of us fu*king & sucking as well as about 10 videos. She is tall & slender & has the most beautiful, perky boobs that I have ever seen. They stand at attention all of the time. I must have cum on her face 500 times in the time we were together (and occasionally since then!). Pictures 9 & 10 are a babe I did a show with (you can see another pic of her in Contri Assorted Babes, Part 1). She loved to have her face covered with my goo and I happily obliged! I have enclosed a nice facial for all to see. Unfortunately, the jizz doesn't show up very well. Perhaps it is because her face is totally covered with it! Slurp!!! Enjoy, all!

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I love boobs. Hello everybody! Just decided to post one more softcore contri of this shameless hottie. Visit my website to see all the cool pics I made of her flashes naked on my balcony and flashing/posing naked outdoors in the park ;)


KISSES SHAVDMUF After we met the girl at the club and went back to shave her pussy, it was time for the threesome! We started off by washing my boyfriend and getting him turned on in the shower to go back to the bed and fuck us!