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MILF with huge boobs fucking in the beach

Enjoy as we did! Kiss
Hi naturist Crew and all of you Great viewers. The comments from the Kate & Truckers series was overwhelming and WONDERFUL! We are planning a trip to several Caribbean islands in March. Kate is getting all excited about the info I have gotten on the topless/nude beaches. She decided to try on a couple of outfits for me. She posed for me outside in the spa to get the see thru effect on the pink suit. Then got bolder, as usual. The neighbors didn't complain. We ordered another topless suit and more see thru tops for the trip. When those come in I'll take take some more pics for all of the great people who are kind enough to take the time to make comments on the BB system.

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Hot & Wet!!!! Hi., one morning as i was getting out of the shower,mike started snapping pictures. I wasn't ready for this, but why not.I hope everyone can say something nice, although there are some jerks who think all women are skinny little girls....well all i have to say is i'm more women than you cam handle!!!! victoria


just some pics of the x Mme aimerait franchement se faire surprendre lors de ses poses impudiques dans le Val d'oise, par un jeune mateur… Si le coeur vous en dit, crivez! Nos pens es vont sp cialement a la jolie femme de "en attendant le printemps"