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Last night I promised HtWifey I'd give her a massage if she let me take some pics. She did and afterwards I gave HtWifey a massage that led to more. First I massaged her feet, calves and thighs, I then moved up to her ass cheeks. I kneaded them while I slowly slid my thumbs just inside her slightly moist pussy lips, then over her tight little clenched asshole. After a period of time she slowly started to relax more. I started to hear her moan, then her pussy suddenly became completely drenched. Finally her asshole started to gape open a little each time my thumbs got near. When I saw this I started to plunge one then both thumbs in with each pass. She moaned even louder. I couldn't take it anymore, so pushed my cock deep inside her ass as she rubbed her huge, engorged clit from beneath. In only a matter of a minute or two her ass was contracting in waves around my cock, while her pussy gushed all over the towel.

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my sexy 78's wife Hello again to all at redclouds, Hot young wife is back again with some moments in an Elevator. We know the contest is closed but we figured that you guys and girls wouldn't mind. We love to see messages on the BB so please post your responce. Some more pics will becomming soon!!!!!


back to work Take Me To The Ball Game - Hey baseball fans! We went to the park and put on a little show in the stands. There was no game going on that day but if there had been, I don't think the main attraction would have been on the field! See the whole jpg shoot on my site.