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Wife getting fucked on beach 1 - Ben

love to lick them.
Well I don't want to keep you in suspense any longer. If you saw my last entry on Pt 4 I was in the bars bathroom with a ship mate that I thought my husband had sent in to surprise me. After I sucked his cock off I thanked him and I gave him a kiss and I walked back out to the bar, but I was met by my husband who told me that a girl came up to him and told him that he might want to go and check on me. He asked me if I was alright and I told him yes and that I met his friend. He looked surprised and asked me what I was talking about. I told him what I had done and his mouth dropped to the floor. He told me that he didn't send anyone in. I was shocked as well and after he confirmed that I was ok I told him that he was a gentleman and that he even took pix of the whole thing. My husband and I laughed and he talked to the guy and everything was cool. we gave him my web site card and he told me that he would send the pix to us. so when we got them my husband finally got a visual of what I told him had happened. Bi the way, that night while we were fucking like animals we love to talk about the adventures and my sucking the guy in the bathroom was told over and over.

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she is wonder This was a lazy Sunday morning. I woke up horny (as usual) and after getting what I wanted, we took these pictures. Hope you like them. After getting dressed, we went for a drive and we took my first pictures outside. I was very excited and can't wait to show them to you next time.


Some pics of my wife. Just wanted to try out and see what you though. They liked me on Privet shots. What do you think here. What would you like me to do? What would you like to do to me? Leave sexy coments and vote Will bring more XOXOXO