Nudism Photos

se masturbe sur la plage- beach fingering

Always having fun!
Thanks for the great comments from many of you. The negative comments are ok too - different strokes for different folks. Some have commented on the picture quality of some of our posts. I have to apologize because all of the pics posted have been taken from the 3.2 mp camera on my phone. I am no professional and, to be honest, we didn't plan on posting any of these pics when we took them. Just exciting for us to take and share with some friends. Anyways, if we continue to post once we run out of old pics, we will use a better camera. By the way, please leave your email address when you comment - good or bad. Thanks - and enjoy Tall1 coming out of her jeans.

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First time photos... Thank you all for your comments on my last EIP, most of you guessed where I was. L.A. Calif., Dodger Stadium, Chavez Ravine.We are still on vacation, and getting in our exercise. We have been here twice so far. As you may have noticed by myShaving. Sorry no feet pics in here, had my gear on.


And Some More To Please! Here's just a couple of shots of a hoodrat hootchie mama that was showing off in a gogo box at a 18 & over disco in san antonio, tx. I wish she would've shown more, but she at least she was loving the attention showing off her ass.