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My best buddy, Mike has been deployed for almost a year now. He turned 40 last week, and his wife asked me to do something very special for him. When she told me what it was... well, how could I refuse? We filmed Mrs. Mike in my studio, and it's the raciest thing I've ever done... a far cry from the corporate movie I typically make. Mike was pretty thrilled about his b-day gift, to say the least! Mrs. Mike is worried that she looks too old to do this sort of thing, but I sure don't think so. If you think she's nice, too, be sure and vote and make nice comments. If you don't like her... then please move on and don't be a h8er.

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Hi VW Buddies!! We lost our friends, I started to undress. To explore naked this slippery and dirty place excited me, a morbid fear. The presence of workers, evoked by the mess around, made me feel vouyered... really exciting! ....


Who wants to spot me? To the naysayers who called Stevie a "fraud"? Well... you know? That might be why you were not invited. To everyone else? Enjoy Stevie, constraints removed... and think about how much fun you WOULD have had had you accepted her invitation. ;)