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Karla Carrillo in the pink hat on the beach

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Heather: Her Pretty Little Panties - Hi guys!!! I got some more pictures of my friend Heather to share! Thank you all for the support from before. I know its been a bit but it was a bitch and a half to get Heather in front of my camera again...she was totally down but it was just schedule problems. Thankfully we were finally able to meet up and take a can all thank me later....she is getting a lot more comfortable with the I feel like the pictures are coming out pretty good. I'm always open to advice too! I never said I was a great photographer, but I'm trying! Though I'm posting the pics, she is reading your comments so keep them coming! She likes what she has read so thank you all for being cool....this girl is a hottie and I want to keep this fun for her! Thanks everyone!!

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Hi guys nd girls I was helping this Indian chick on ICQ put some images on her web site. Oops she sent some she didn't want to. I didn't put them on her site but I thought the Redclouds patrons might like a peek. Go ahead and post my E-Mail, I won't get in trouble. HEE HEE


2. part of 05 summer A colder day on the beach.I know the pictures aren't great, but its the best I could do, it was no sun at all on that day. Sorry for the repetitive pics, but she hardly changed her position in one whole hour.