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Hello Kate and gang , I hope your vacation went well. Here are some more pics for you and yourguest. I hope they are tame enough for the private shots page. The lastset i sent were tagged for the special section so i told June that i woulddo them over. I hope you and your visitors like these better. Everyone Pleasekeep clicking the banners so we can keep this site free. Those of you whohave a credit card please look at the archive pages, (there were some reallygood pics and also some very funny ,and sometimes brutally honest commentsback then,) it is well worth the $7.99. To everyone who has left commentson the BB and have talked to me in the chat ,,THANK YOU!! Steve and i really like reading your comments. HUGS & KISSES, Kelly

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pas d histoire Here are some more booty pics, I have a total ass fetish if you cant tell. One thing though, she dont like doggy style. She said it hurts so what should i do? Hope you enjoy and leave us some comments. Lisa would love to read them.