Nudism Photos

Real mom and NOT her daughter in a beach cabin

Naked sunbathing
Hello all! Thank you all for the nice comments after our first contribution. My 50-year-old hispanic wife was somewhat embarrassed by all the wonderful attention she received. For those couple of you who had unkind things to say . . . why do you bother? Go peep elsewhere! In addition to the embarrassment, my wife also got aroused. A couple of these new pics are in response to comments she received. She coordinated the photos this time, wanting to wear her teddy and high heeled shoes. We hope you enjoy them! Who knew the conservative woman I married many years ago would be so enthusiastic about having her pics on the internet?

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Hi there guys. Und auch ein Dankeschon an alle die das letzte Mal gevoted haben. Leider haben die meisten vergessen zu voten. Bitte denkt jetzt daran euer votum abzugeben (am liebsten superb, aber nur wenn euch die Bilder gefallen).


more holiday snaps It's been awhile and we have had a bunch of emails asking why we have not posted. Thought it might be fun to enter a few pictures in the chair contest. We are off to South Carolina for vacation next week and we plan on bringing back lots of pictures. Any suggestions? Take Care Snowflake