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Stroking and fingering at public beach

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Last night I promised HtWifey I'd give her a massage if she let me take some pics. She did and afterwards I gave HtWifey a massage that led to more. First I massaged her feet, calves and thighs, I then moved up to her ass cheeks. I kneaded them while I slowly slid my thumbs just inside her slightly moist pussy lips, then over her tight little clenched asshole. After a period of time she slowly started to relax more. I started to hear her moan, then her pussy suddenly became completely drenched. Finally her asshole started to gape open a little each time my thumbs got near. When I saw this I started to plunge one then both thumbs in with each pass. She moaned even louder. I couldn't take it anymore, so pushed my cock deep inside her ass as she rubbed her huge, engorged clit from beneath. In only a matter of a minute or two her ass was contracting in waves around my cock, while her pussy gushed all over the towel.

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I wanna spank her ass Various Pics - This is my sexy wife 28 y/o, mother of 3. She doesent think she has the looks anymore. Good comments will lead to better pics. Hope yall enjoy as much as I did taking them. we are known as JCfuncple as well. MILF or not?!?!


no it was nt cold out.... New Year'S Night - Once again we loved MOST of the comments we received from our 2nd contribution. Here's a few shots after we got home from a New Years's Eve party. Hope you enjoy, even those who write unkind comments.