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German Mom dogging on the Beach

Well, you will see :-)
Hi nudistviewers...what your about to see are pics from the most amazing time ever. Rachel (the reddish/brownish haired) and I had only played once with another woman. But last weekend we went to a party at a friend's house. He is known for his crazy parties and he definitely delivered this time. Rachel and I met this amazing, sexy, and very horny young lady (let call her "Nadia"). Rachel and her immediately hit it off, especially on the dance floor (just imagine my jaw wiping the floor while they are bumping and grinding each other). We drank, danced, and flirted until no one could hold it in anymore. That's when I suggested that we take the party to our place for a little after party fun. Both girls jumped to go. As you can see from the pics, we started with a few shots of Patron and the rest....well, we?ll let the pics talk for themselves. We have tons more pics from that night, if the comments are good we will send them in. Also, if you are a fun couple in the San Francisco Bay Area and like what you see, leave us a message :)

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My wife in 2006 *Gg Sexycri: Lesbian Games With Anna - Hi to all, let me introduce Anna, my dear friend bisex as me... Kisses Cristina ------------------- Ciao a tutti, vi presento Anna la mia cara amica bisex... Baci Cristina


Il corpo di mia moglie My wife and I spent a few days in Vegas this past summer. I love having her in Sin City because she is fearless in that city. Well, at least A LOT more, shall we say, uninhibited. By the way, she is Tall1 and I am Tall2, but I don't know how to change my name on here - sorry.