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Couple masturbating each other on public beach

after night, before day
Kate, I have been enjoying visits to your site. Decided it was time to be a participant too. This series was taken on the topless section of a Key West hotel sand. Obviously I "liberated" it and turned it into a naked section. No one seemed to mind. Tell me, do you think no one recognizes the person in the picture when they put those little black bands (or big sunglasses, haha) over their eyes? I always figured that anyone who knew you would recognize you anyway, and those who don't know you can't recognize you! So what is the point? I am not a devoted naturist, but love to sunbathe in the naked and don't mind who knows, its healthy, yes? Call this series, "Don't Print My E-Mail.....", no instead call them, "Key West Holiday." I have other picture series if anyone is interested. . Please identify me as "Gigi", thanks. Gigi

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more pics to share My boyfriend likes to take pictures of me - all natural ;-) He has for quite some time tried to talk me into submitting some of our naked pics for Voyuer web. On a recent holiday I posed for him in the sand dunes. It was fun.....and we had really hot sex afterwards..... So I hope you like them.....;-)


Hang with my best friend This is the second verse, same as the first. Well, not exactly. These are more contestants from the Miss Naked World contest I shot at Naked City, Indiana about twenty years ago. Initial comments from the first set were good. I've got a few surprises in future sets so stay tuned. Yours truly,