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Russian Mature on the beach! Amateur!

Gattina and Leone
Mrs S.Fla Sunshine In Daytona Bch #2 - Mrs S.Fla Sunshine is back with vacation pics taken in Daytona playa for your enjoyment. Thanks to all you guys and gals for the wonderful comments. We are trying to answer all the emails and thank all of you personally. We are a mature aventurist couple in our late 40's living in the Ft.Lauderdale, Florida area. Positive comments are appreciated and very much welcomed. If your are looking for a nice young, trim 20 year old centerfold type, then this is definitely not the contri you want to see as Mrs S.Fla Sunshine is a mature lady that enjoys her sexuality and enjoys sharing it with others. We are avid fans of this site and enjoy checking out all the contri's posted here regardless of physical appearance. Thanks to Kate, Blue and the whole naturist crew for the wonderful site you guys have. Kisses and Hugs to all from Mrs S.fla Sunshine.

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some more pic of Christine Rose - here are a few sneaky pics of my wife in the mornings for you all to enjoy. apologies for the quality of some of them but she isn't exactly expose for me, a few positive comments might change that however. enjoy


One sexy of a co-worker! Alessia And G-String - Ciao queste foto sono state scattate qualche giorno fa. Speriamo che vi piacciano che e che votiate. Invieremo molti altri contributi sempre che poi vengano pubblicati. Visto che a met? settembre un contributo fatto per i soldati in iraq non ? stato pubblicato. Ma noi ci riproveremo.