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She's now 50.
Ok, everyone I decided to repost some pictures from a few years ago that got deleted off voy-zone and the archives. I think this series is probably the most requested pictures I have ever done. And amazing enough, this was all a spontaneous event in Jamaica. My hubby and I were on vacation and decided to take one of these famous Jamaican "Nude Booze Cruises." I met a really cool single guy on the boat. This was my very FIRST ever "swinging" experience. After a bunch of Jamaican Rum, my inhibitions just fell away, and well, lucky for you my hubby was there to capture on camera. So, this is the first of two posts from these most requested pictures I've ever been in! Hugs, Suz

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Second night with wife Uk Wife - Close Ups Spent the last few days capturing loads of mp4 that i have of myself and my wife. Second contribution this month of closeup shots. Look out for more contris later this month. Please leave comments and all will be replied to.


Painted Boobs Afternoon Picknick - Went for an summer afternoon drive and a day of fun in the sun. Decided to have a little lunch but look what I found sitting in my chair. First time posting but I feel that she is an incredible and beautiful lady for 42 with 3 kids. Good comments will get more postings.