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Blade and Soul : Beach Time ! (Keyla)

my wife's titties
And a big shout out to my local fans - Brandon from the Desert is my official 650th fan (ooh rah - YOU know what I'm talkin' about), Irvine Max, San Francisco Lens (gonna see you this weekend, right), Modesto derf, Bay Area leon and Rancho Cucamonga sinner. And a few more from around the country - Bad Daddy from Alabama; riki and Sky from Florida; Illinois' pieman and Chicago Dane (I know I already said hey, but you were #600 and I forgot to say something.); Iowa Max; Kentucky bigpaganjames; Mir and lefty from Massachusetts; Mike from Maine; New Hampshire Brock; Nevada vegasguy; Oregon Arnie (Are we gonna see you on the Streets of San Fran? Send me your cell # if you're gonna carry it.) and from Washington State Greg M. (how could I possibly have missed saying hey to you G?). And internationally - 3sumcouple, rockyderek and Captain Ron from Canada and lucritiavirgia from Greece.

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nicole in the shower ....well what can I say other than thanks...excited to read your feedback for my tittie flashes and both previous plea was for a naked version of pic4 from Sat 15th May...Who am I to disappoint you lovely boys...enjoy...CuteGirl xxx


Rubbing in the cream Hey guys Sorry for the delay since my last post but the holidays have just kept me busier then ever. Hubby took these great shots of me while I was at home working in my office which is in my bedroom. After these shots we went to the bed and you can only guess what happened there. Kisses,