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Nude Beach - Ass Fisting & Bottle on the shore

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This is my sexy little wife Mary. Mother of 2 and still in great shape. She dosen't know I took these. She had finished her shower and was getting ready for a nite out. ( Boy what a nite ! ) After these pics were taken she put on a slip dress and shoes and NOTHING else. We went to the movies where she sat with her dress up to the bottom of her boobs. As we watched the movie, she begain to play with herself, and had 2 orgasoms before the movie was over. I don't know how many the guys sitting next to us had. Please put these in your voyeur section. Please no e-mail adress and no e-mail corresponce. Like I said she dose't know about these and dose't know I'm sending them. If comments are good maybe she will let me send more exxxplicid pics. (Maybe not but she might not know...HEHE ) Thanks

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more of our monique our recent posts with underarm hair raised some concerns. a lot liked again some didnt. she doesnt keep u'arm hair. those were on demand by some fan of a local xxx site. now enjoy these. clicked quiet a long ago


no comment no pix HELLO... Please vote for me, I love teasing my nipples!!! I am shy, but love too pose. Please be niceand leave meencouraging comments and maybe I will post more. Help I need more courage! See you all (or meeeee). Thanks VW Guys,Love Your Site!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!