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Beautiful Beach Girl with superb tits

anyone playing ?
Hi all nudistebers, kate, asher and all the others, one day talking to tina, a good friend of mine, i told her that i would like to take pics of her. i thought she would be upset and say "no, just my boyfriend is allowed to see me in this way...", but to my surprise she said yes and after taking a look at the naturist she also agreed to send some of the pics. taking pics has been a lot of fun and later she told me, it made her hot getting photographed and that it is even more thrill for her to know, that this pics are on the web and seen by thousands of men and women.... so come on and tell her what you think about her and the pics (she is waiting for the comments) and vote for her to get more. please title this: tina - the teacher

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Just one more today ;-) I go to Brazil often to see her and a few other girls. This time I convinced her that her boobs had to be shared with my friends here. We are eager to here comments from other ladies and couples. and to trade pics.


Where the flowers are Hi Guys and Girls, I just thought I would try on a new outfit and I got a little carried away and very very turned on! However this is my first post here so lets see if you're ready for me and just maybe I will let you see the next installment ;) x