Nudism Photos

Grandma & Grandpa put on show for stranger at the beach

Newer pics of wife.
We took these at our favorite naturist resort in Palm Spring California. We like to get out there as much as possible. Great facility, lovely hosts and a makes for a terrific weekend. We shots these at night, after coming back from dinner and playing cards with some of the other guests. My last contri was at an Adult Theme Hotel and many wrote for the location. I hope I got back to everyone. I just have to apologize about now showing anything more explicit. If I do, they just throw it out anyway so I give up. I don't understand why they do that to me when I see many contri's that are much more blantant but I am not even going to try so please don't bash me for it. This is about my 8th contri and they throw out something everytime. Sorry. If you don't believe I have a vagina--leave me a addy and I will send you a picture to prove it. LOL

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Here we go again! Enjoy Hi Kate and gang. This is the second part to sun bathing. I love to watch my wife play with her toys and to watch her use one outside is even better. Enjoy the pics, leave comments, and don't forget to vote. Thanks T & D


Tee Diamonds vibrator show Hello Kate and the gang! I could not miss participate to WFI theme. As most of time ...two are better than one, I thought duplicating myself will convince you (Kate) to come to me. Just don't make me wait too long ! Kisses to all, especially to all my fans! Kamy