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Busty blonde babe on beach

Amber shows off for you.
I have a forthcoming birthday and my boyfriend has given me a choice of either of my little fantasies. One involves my first ever big black cock which I've always been curious about - I think most girls are if they're being honest. The second involves my wicked little fantasy involving a beautiful pre-op transexual - the thought of female sensuality, breasts and curves, with the added extra of a stiff and genuine ramming has always turned me on. I know I must sound like a right slut but hey, we live once! We've identified methods to obtain both fantasies, now its just down to me to decide. Any comments or advice would be of great interest. And do let me know what you think of my photos. XXX

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Thanks fo all comments. You should have seen the faces on the guys at the Marina when I went to pick up my boat wearing this suit. All work stopped while every one of the staff came out to help. I sure got a great level of service as six guys, helped me launch my boat. I normally can do it myself. XO


fun with nipple rings Had an idea of taking some pictures in the nature. two of my friends and i went to look for the right spot. one of my friends was taking pictures of me, and the other one was taking pictures of the entire process. Sky, airplanes... yes, i wish i could fly...