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my first pics in a while
Hi, here some pics for exposed in public! Verona went into a very popular bar with a pretty transparent dress (pic 1+2).In the beginning she was a bit shy. But many people told her that it was a pity not to show her perfect body totally naked. After thinking over one hour she finally decided to take off her dress. Only dressed with boots and gloves she spent the whole night on the dancefloor with more than 100 guests and danced with many of them. Of course, some people tried to touch her. But as she is a proper girl she refused that and allowed them only to have a look. The later the evening the more she enjoyed to be gaped at and the more she presented her magnificent body to all people. And as you can imagine all people liked to have a look (or two), mainly men but also women! This way she has been the star of the evening. Regards

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as always she is adorable Hi Public viewers. It's been a long time since I got out and did some public pictures and I'm sure your gonna love these. I also have pictures in gws section,just look for "Foxy Sugar" and "Sugars Black teddie". I appreciate any votes and comments Thanks xoxoSugar


Got her legs open!!! Thanks to everyone that had good comments we get to see the rest of the pictures from the night I talked her into taking pictures. All of you guys that like to see her speak up. So I can try to talk her into so action shots.