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I am overjoyed that Kira decided to stay home this season, putting off another year of resort work for the winter months. I was rather surprised when she alerted me via IM, because I figured she would be leaving any day now and I would have to be content with the shots we'd taken the last few times for voy-zone and our website. Since she is enduring a holiday job she has been looking for any almost excuse she has to blow off steam. Of course, I tend to have quite a few suggestions in that department. The other night we got thrashed on eggnog and I loved how perfect her outfit was for this time of year. I kept teasing her with elf jokes and she finally punched me when I asked if she lived in a tree. Good to see the girl can take a joke.

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Day in park with Ann Hi VW, It's been a while since I posted. The girls on here are awesome and most of them I'm old enough to be their mom. So I had to built up plenty of nerves to post. Here are some pictures of me messing around in our playroom. Enjoy... Headhunter MILF AKA. Joosy


My work slur coworker Nan by Night at The Sea Side Our second contribution. Lors de notre premier envoi NAN s’alanguissait dans le sable. Cette nuit elle fait la folle dans la rue et les jardins. Votez pour nous et vous aurez beaucoup d’autres clich s