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Beautiful on Nudist Beach 09

Guess my size !!! :-)
So at that point it was just in the back of my mind that I might not get a good shot. But I was trying to so hard and at the same time watch her take a shower. She had such a sexy body and her pussy lips were shaved with a tuft of hair above them. It was a hot thing to see her scrub her body and lather up her boobs, ass, and pussy. She also had to know she had a little audience including her man who was just talking on the phone while he waited. A couple of girls also started to shower next to her and i was tempted as you can see in the avi to point the cam in their direction and i did for a split second and then i realize i was dangerously close to exposing it! So i took a deep breath and continued to focus on the task at hand of catching this beauty as she lathered up and rinsed off in a long deliberate fashion in front of all the male spectators.

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end of a long hot chat... Dark Hedone - Beauty In Black - Just as I said, the comments have been nice and there's more coming. I'm getting more and more into making these pics... And lots of ideas are coming through. Keep on being nice to me as you have been, and I'll show you all you want to see... Darkisses...


in socks flashing ass My sexy wife loves to take her clothes off in the car and walk around outdoors naked. She will often go all day without clothes, driving, pickniking and bushwalking. We occassionally get seen but so far nothing serious. This is her first contri, so please be kind with your comments.