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Exercising Nude at Public Beach

My wife from the UK
So you want to know what the worse thing about being half Japanese is? I look REALLY REALLY young. Yeah sure....some of ya'll out there are just thinking, "sounds sweet!"....but it's not.... ...and I will tell you why.... So I went to Victoria's Secret to get some hot undies to show off in some sets...because one of my friends work while shopping I am telling her about what my friends and I am doing with the site and my friend thinks its so awesome...and that she has always wanted to do something like that....and I am trying to convince her to let Nick or I to take pictures of her...when some crazy woman who works there too FREAKED out on me! She was totally yelling at me! She started saying I was WAY to young to do this and what was I thinking, and its probably illegal, and blah blah blah....and I am like, "LADY, how OLD do you think I am?" She got this blank look on her face and said she thought I was in high school or something, when I told her how old I was she got all red and said she was sorry. Then she started helping me pick out fact the ones I am wearing in this set are the ones she helped me pick out!?! She said I would look "hot" in them! These are the things that happen in my life..... Do you see what I go through just to be able do get naked for you? Maybe I should change something so I don't look so young....maybe the hair? Hmmm....

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My wife s asa for you Playful Jan - There's nothing quite as exciting than to see Jan get all worked up and excited than when she breaks out the toys from the toy chest. This was one of those times. Hope you enjoy. Great comments deserve further attempts at satisfying them.


Nebraska Bad Attitude Here are some more pics of me playing with my new shower toy. Although a regular removable shower head works just fine, this thing is magic! I already love to masturbate, but this thing's going to keep me in the bath a lot longer than normal!