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Fully Dressed Fuck on the Beach

My adorable wife.....
Most of you guys know who I am...I post here enough...I realized I have been posting here with my friends for a while. Crazy.... Anyway I was reading some of the comments my last few submissions to voy-zone were asking for better pictures of my WHOLE body....I never really thought about it...but I guess most of the pictures I have sent in have only shown parts of my I tried to select a few that you guys could see my whole body. Hopefully you will find it to your liking.... For those that want to see more you can check out my site...actually that reminds me of a story....check this out: I went to a show the other night, and I checked out this punk/emo band that was actually really good. After they played I wondered over to their merch table and guitarist was there. He saw me and I smiled, and he was pretty hot but he kept giving me weird looks. Like...REALLY weird looks. I wasn't exactly sure what his problem was....I was just checking out their shirts...then when I asked how much one cost...he goes: "Hey...uh....are you...Logan from stereogirls?" I was like...Oh my god...but I said, "...yeah...thats me" He freaked out....and was like..."Oh my God I have seen you naked on voy-zone!!! I fucking love your site!!!" I really was blushing so I just mumbled thanks....and then he goes: "Dude...take the shirt just please wear it for a contribution...PLEASE!!!" How fucking rad is that? Thanks voy-zone! You got me a free T-shirt!!!

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Cum targets ready! Thank you all for your great commends and votes to our first conrti (on 31.Oktober). Some wants to know where these dunes are. Well, 50° 40' N, 8° 8' E. I hope you will find out where that is. And tell me that you like me. Birgit


Just testing waters Some taken early this summer we went for a little walk along the tracks near our home and had to stop get naked and enjoy the warm weather. Enjoy as I always love reading and answering back to all your mail and for the superb votes