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I have noticed Sunny and I are both opening at our respective stores, so I've been getting to work extra early as of late. I don't really want to run into her right now, just in case she knows saw the first pics I sent in, or has spotted my website. She did say she wanted people to see them, but I am worried because she known around the mall for being tempermental--Sunny recently fired a really sweet girl I know who works at the music store, because "her tastes didn't fit with the store's." Sunny is a bit off, taking pics of her was awkward for me and she seemed to enjoy keeping me on edge. But, the recently dismissed girl did say she could get me a pic of Sunny from her days at the mall hot dog stand, complete with that hilarious outfit. More to come.

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retour de Carole... It's very cold at the train station, but we were having fun tonight. We were the only ones there for these pics, but someone came and we had to stop. These are for my friends in the United States! Your Princess