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Denim Skirt and Heels
Hey RedClouders Last week I sent some pics of me blowing a friend of a friend, I did it because the guy'sgirlfriend won't go down onhim... ever. And since I love giving blowjobs, I volenteered to help the guyget off. I'm sure you all remember. Anyway, I found out the guy showed the pics to his g/f and told her this was the way to give him a blowjob. Needless to say, they broke up.. so I figured that isa goodreason to post another set of pics. After all, there's no g/f to piss off anymore right? You'll also see how I gave him a full body massage... my full body on his. Here is the2nd set of pics from that wild night.

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Do yo want cum my ass? I met this inter-racial couple on webcam. They eventually invited me for a threesome, which I gladly accepted. Hell, it's better than jacking off on webcam. The guy's wife is chinese and have 2 kids. But she's still fresh.


likes dressing up All the screwball crap about cocks being 7", 8", 9", 10" long, etc, etc - well, this is what 5 3/4 inches looks like - so get real and just tell it like it is - btw: average vagina is 6" deep, so any cock longer than that is wasted.... -- however, if you're into cows, then maybe not...