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German lifeguard sucking and fucking on the beach

I loves it from behind.
Working all morning to prep for kids B-day party, we both needed to freshen up before the guest arrived. The only thing was that when I came out of the shower this is what I found waiting for me on the bed. I couldn’t resist reaching for the camera since I had been asked to, “keep it charged and ready to go for today.” I was glad I listened aren’t you. I was about to just do a “What I Saw” submittal but a funny thing happened when she heard the click of the camera. I can’t tell you just how soft and smooth those legs are but the just call to be touched. The moment I started running my fingers over them it was all over see for yourself…

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Do u like her bush? This is one of the first picture series we made together when we started dating 6 years ago. It's still a favourite, as several of the pictures manage to be beautiful on top of sexual. Bad camera and too little light, though, sadly. Hence the fuzziness.


Hi Redcloud-ers! Hi thanks for all the hot comments, and sorry i didnt please all the ones who were not so complimentary. you had some requests so here are some more shots i hope they are what you were looking for and the dont go to redclouds xxx