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Cynthia K - Double-Plus Good After reading the comments here and emails through my site, I agree that it may be my need to overanalyze and articulate things that has everyone at University thinking I am too innocent and awkward to have even had sex. And yes, dressing like a TOTAL dork most of the time hasn't helped matters. Nor has my verbose language or percocious nature. LOL. I take comfort in the fact that I'm at least sexually experienced in the technical sense. I have indeed experienced's happened a few times...and I even took pictures and movie a couple of them. LOL. But since I give everyone the opposite impression, I fear it precludes new opportunities to further explore my sexual and sinful urges. To overcome this, my flatmate suggests I start cursing like a sailor, to start. LOL. At least I'm glad that my wardrobe received such a good reaction with my last contribution. I wanted to fulfill a few requests with the second half of the photos, and I hope you enjoy them. :)

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My parking spots. We appreciate all the nice comments from our previous contri's. We recently came in contact with this single young man. We would love to hear from other NH area swinging cpls. Feel free to leave an e-mail address in the comments section.


Hi guys and girls ;) Cada dia disfruto mas de la sensualidad de estar en lugares publicos con mi cuerpo sensible al aire libre.I enjoy every day over my body feel liberated and sensitive in outdoor public places. thanks for your support.