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In August in Texas it gets real hot, you have to find some way to cool off, some are better than others. These are some pics of a girl called BJ. When I met her I asked her why they call her that. She told me about her hobby of giving unusual blowjobs, I told her about voy-zone. She said she knew the perfect way to cool off, and do something that would be sure to get us posted. She came over two days later with a Popsicle. I asked her what she wanted to do with that, silly me. Once again nudistgot me some connoisseur sex, all I had to do was just ask nice, and a pretty girl half my age, gave me head just so we could send in to RC, plus I got to take pictures the whole time! She came by to approve the shots, and ended up giving me another one just as wild, but without the popsicle. All I had to do was just ask nice, thanks Kate. BTW my email melted P.S For all the naysayers who will claim this is bs, that this is my wife etc, I would like to point out that this is the sixth time I’ve been this lucky. Even if I was a Mormon, that’s a lot of wives. And the Popsicle really was her idea, I had never thought of trying that.

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more photos of my wife... hi, i'm a married canadian girl. i wanna see if guys other than my hubby think i'm a milf. i'm curious what guys think, and hopefully will win some contest cash, lol. enjoy & be kind. suggestions are welcome.


For You Bethany My wife is 50yrs soon. I encouraged her to have some Chrissy sex out in the back-yard, so I could take some photo's, any excuse to have her naked. Vixen donned her elf hat and spread 'em wide. I'm not much of a photographer, here take a peek.