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a number of comments on the bulletin board last time requested more recent pictures of bug (from bug 1-5 on 9/4). i submitted bug III but june thought they were too hot. perhaps she could be talked into letting a few be posted (s12116). they went over well in the clouds. these photos were taken after i had purchased bug some lingerie and was able to coax her into flashes for me (interpret lots of wine and a big dinner--also took out the trash). in the pictures she is about 43 mother of two. very prim proper and modest. i hope to get up guts enough to share the comment with her some day (hopefully soon i am working on it). she doesn't think she is sexy but maybe we can change her mind. she is not a barbie doll but she is a fantastic wife and mother.

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you like it? Kisses last post was indeed "poor" as noted by Scorpio52. Hope you find this redeems her. OBTW those that asked for unblurred shots were more favorably impressed. Thanks for voting thanks for your support of Kisses.


My Wife My wife... This is our first time at this. She is my 38 year young wife of 18+ years. She loves it wild when it comes to sex. These are some pictures over the last couple of years. If comments are good, look forward to seeing alot more of her. Please don't post my email.