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Just before HtWifey and I met me she went to a party with friends and their boyfriends. One of the boyfriends was pretty messy. When lured HtWifey into the spare bathroom, then told her he found her very attractive, and that he had always had wanted to get into her pants. His girlfriend had joked about how good he was in bed a few months earlier, and said that any of the girls were welcome to have a go as she giggled away. HtWifey asked about his girlfriend. She told him what his girlfriend had said about him and he laughed. She told him she wanted to see his secret weapon. He eagerly agreed, pulling his large 7 inch uncut rod out. She told him that if he could suck his own cock she would consider letting it happen. He told her he could, but he was not going to do it if she was just teasing him and going to walk off. She took his hand and placed it against her very warm wet pussy. He started to finger her and she began to moan, but pulled him away. A bet's a bet...your turn. He got down on his back and lifted his legs over his head and behind, until the head of his cock was almost touching his lips. He asked her to push down on his legs. As she did she watched the head disappear into his mouth. She demanded he suck himself for 30 seconds. He did, then she let him go and got on all fours. He got up behind her and slid into her. In less than 2 minutes he gave her a big orgasm. She sucked him off while fingering his ass. When he was about to cum he lifted her up onto his cock while standing and and came inside her while she orgasmed again. She tidied herself up then went back to the party as if nothing had happened. Later on she caught her girlfriend kissing another guy. She lost contact with these guys, but they would be worth having a party with!

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Continued....... thanks for all the great comments from my black and whites on 2/06/04.A lot of you wanted color and other shots.hopefully these will pass,for the others the hard stuff is in redclouds.thanks for the positive feedback guys. xoxo christy


My tan lined milf wife My husband says that a short skirt, high heels and bra are very sexy, especially when it shows a little. Perhaps this could go in the freestyle lift your mini section. I am 47 years old with two teenagers and married 26 years. What do you think?