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suki and wendy glimpse it at the beach

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Dear Kate, Zak, & June: Thanks for posting our last contri, Ellen. She, and I, really enjoyed the response on the BB. Ellen never thought anyone would look at, let alone, make such nice comments, about anyone over 35. Actually, she was afraid to look at the BB until after a full day, I told her "so far, so good." But, I already Knew. She's still 52 YO, still a grandma, and still pretty, and pretty hot. These were also taken on a "clothing optional" strand, in Hawaii. I talked her into letting more of her smile show in these photos. Last time, she was in "nude in Public", hope you can put these ten JPEG's there again. Shot with a Pentex 35MM, scanned with an Opticpro 9630P flatbed scanner.(Having trouble capturing from my recorder, with snappy. Have upskirts, but can't get them converted with good quality.) Great site.

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big boobs and nipples Paige'S Old Shack - Hello Everyone! Well this is the last of my country walk set. This was an old shack that was among the tall grass in the field. Good for some photos as well. Hope you enjoy. Also thanks for your great comments once again on my last contris. Until next time :0) ~Paige~ xoxo


Some photos per requests Hi gang , here a some photo's that my husband took while we were at the strand, we arived at sunset and it was 80 degrees.... wow cool for October! The sky looked like a painting one we've never seen ... so beautiful. P.S Please take your time to visit our site and view our free Mpegs ( movies ) Kisses Ashley