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Hi you all!!! Thanks a bunch for the compliments on our last clips we sent in. I don't know why we always end up in the bathroom, but here we are again. LOL We tried doing it a bunch of different ways. I kinda liked the hanging over the side of the tub being plowed, but it was too cold in the air. hehehe This is in three parts and TC does come and yes you will be able to see it in the last clip. A side note on something. Men are always wanting women to shave the pussy. Why don't they shave their dicks? Don't we deserve the same "no hair in mouth" policy?? *smile* Stop by and see the rest of my movies on the site. These are not up there yet, but when they do post, I will put the big one up as well as the shorter clips. Love and kisses,

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Hot and sexy Remembered that I had these...This is the same girl as in the 'Hot Black' series you posted.. These where taken 4 years earlier after a few bottles... Call this contribution 'Hot Wendy Part 1' Have another 2 sets of 2 girls pics to come.. day outfits and preggers