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Mature couple fucks at the beach

Leigh at 52
Jane and I live where the weather is very hot and humid. This being the case Jane never wears panties or bra so she is at a very high comfort level when we go out on the town....not to mention very sexy too. These photos were taken before we left to go out to a favorite restaurant and later to a niteclub here in our city. Sorry no pics ..didn't have my camera. Jane was quite a hit becausewhen the light shown just right behind her ,it was very evident she wore nothing under this dress. Also the dress buttoned down the front and Jane opened the dress really high from the bottom before we entered the establishment. Of course she "accidently" flashed a few surprised gents when she sat on a high bar stool. Was a fun night, :-)

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kisses bombasexy Light Hey guys, I thought you might like to see me add a little light on what you all enjoy seeing so much.. lol... Don't worry I never burned anything, but I sure the heck did feel pretty warm lol... Love ya lots, hope ya like the contri... Licks & Kisses


in the canyon It's been about 6 months since we've posted and thought it was time again. This is my beautiful wife of 20 years and mother two 3 girls. I think she looks fantastic and would love to hear if you do too. Thanks.