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Hi Kate, Jerry, Asher, Sailor, Sanchez, and all the other crew making things work at RC/nudist everyday...thanks to all of you for a fun filled past few years. Over the years we have admired your hard work, humor, and integrity. Meeting many of you in person, was a pleasure and only validated why this site is such a great place to play & share. To the nudist'ers out there especially the nudistmembers THANKS! Your comments and interaction have made our experience fantastic! So why are we proud nudistmembers? (Get ready because this is a long write up but you asked for it!) Well... let's say our lives, sexually and beyond, have been greatly affected. Red Cloudswas really the first place I contributed.(J had sent a headless see thru contri to PS as my very 1st, to see what my reaction would be) Once I started reading the encouraging responses and interacting on the boards...I was hooked. The thing that amazed me, the most, were the "real" people we found from contributors to people leaving messages. As I grew more comfortable with sharing pics our desires and fantasies started coming up in conversations as we looked at the photos on RC. We used to wonder how do people get into different "lifestyles"??? Are they weird people, do they really even exist outside the adult industry, were they people we would be friends with? Sure we would go to the strip clubs together... watch the woman and flirt but you don't really have anything materialize out of those situations, it's a tease( Okay...we did once but that was after RCchanged me & I had already been withLora) We would watch "Real Sex" "Taxi Cab Confessions"all the time wondering how does this happen in your life. This was all before we found RC. We soon realized people at RC, for the most part, were people like us( some of you may remember I'ma teacher). I started reading comments from other woman and couples & we realized our fantasy of a "wilder" sex life was possible. I always was curious about being with another woman. Then in October 1999 we had our first meeting. The lovely Lora and her hubby Leo...this would change everything! After we posted pics of our fun together...more & more couples & women were writing...we had so much fun meeting Lora & Leo, they confirmed for us.. that yes... nudistwas a real people place where fantasies could come true. We have shared manyfun times together & we would like to say hello to some of our friends we have enjoyed meeting over the years Lora& Leo, Sandy&C, New York Brunette and hubby, Mr. & Mrs. DFP, Nikki & Jme, Katarina & P, BEG & Spanky, Dee & D, PJ Hottie & can see how many connections we have made... many from our pics being seen on RC.I wanted to mentionEcontri because this brings us to our newest friends...Sofia and her hubby. They recently shared with us, when we finally met in person, that they had been looking at ourpictures over the years and talking about what it would be like to have the kind of sex life we were sharing in RC. Sofia's husband smiled & told me Sofia always said if she was going to be witha woman it would be "Mistress Nina"( she's so sweet, she made blush) I was blown away by beautiful, sexy, intelligent & sweet! So how did we hook up.... Econtri's. Since we were both nudistmembers we could post our photos in Econtri . We started late last summer. I would write on hers...she would write on mine...I would mention a hello to her in my heading. She didn't send in full contributions, she was a little shy, and Econtri allowed her to have the fun of interaction without sending ina full set of pics.( after some time she recently did a toy testcontri) We started corresponding last summer andjust finally met. It was their first time ever being with another couple and for her with a woman. Again we had a completely positive experience! Sofia & I, both, thank Kate & the nudistcrew for creating the place where we can play & meet. If it weren't for nudistwe wouldn't have had this exciting experience or any of the others. We also would never have met so manywonderful people we are delighted to call friends. We think this is unique to RC. Any site can be a porthole for Adult sites but it's a different kind of adult place that can bring everyday people together to share & enjoy one another's sexual adventures & awakenings. Sofia & I would like to share some of the pictures from our first night together.We think this is a great example of why we are proud nudistmembers. We had to keepit tame enough for PS but you'll find more explicit ones in nudistsoon. Thanks again & here's to many more funfilled years.... Kisses

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the best natural big tit Hi Redclouders & RC Crew, I hope you liked my photos where I got zapped..this is part of what happened prior to those photos. I'm off to Colorado for a week and think I will do some flashing around town..say Hi if you see me Enjoy all the photos and avi I just posted on my site XXXOOO Victoria


Hello my dearest! I just love watching my woman getting ready on a sunny summer morning, don't you? She's not always tolerant of the camera but, as you can see in the last three shots, with a little flattery and some coaxing she finally smiles for the camera....