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brazilian gangbang after beach party

Hi Kate Jerry Asher, Blue, Genbushi, contributors, and crew! And hello all you voy-zonebers! I still can't get over how supportive everyone has been as I've sent in my long series of review pictures. I'm glad you enjoyed and now it's on to something new!! As always thanks to each and every one who takes the time to leave comments to my pictures. You guys rock! ;)~ Since my very first contri to naturist, I've always tried to put my pictures into a little show that tells a bit of the story of what I was doing when they were taken. The problem that creates is sometimes it takes more than ten pictures to get it all in, hehe! This contri was like that, so if you missed part one, it should be posted just before this one in the GwS section. I've been wanting to do a set of pictures in front of a full length mirror for a while and on our recent trip to Tahoe we finally got a room with a mirror that would work. Since it was a trip just for pictures I had tons of sexy clothes with me and decided on a sexy corset and one of my favorite short skirts. It was very cool to watch myself in the mirror as we took pics, slowly removing each sexy article of clothing, and then playing in the mirror, naked except for my heels. I also tried something a little different with these pictures for my site. With the mirrors and the new lights we were playing with we were afraid most of these shots wouldn't turn out. Well they did. We had a ton, so there is a second complete (plus extras) set of these pictures already posted on my site. If you are interested, follow the link on this contri and check them out, then spend a couple of hours (LOL or days!) checking out all of my past contris and adventures! Love Ya, Nikki ;)~

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So ready to be licked... Hi, Here's my entry for the nipple contest - I don't often enter the contests because the competition is so steep, but maybe my nipples might be able to hold their own....?


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