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Japanese Bear Nude on the Beach

Having fun inside.
It's been wonderful to get so much positive feedback from my first post...everyone has asked for more so here we go... This first set (on the phone) was taken with a camera-in-a-box by one of my slave's g/fs...while she is away from me (we live in seperate states but travel to see each other 1-2x/month), she is required to have one roll of film taken of her in naked or semi-nude poses, and then develop it herself (which is a turn on for me as well...the thought of her having to return to those one- hour developpers after they have seen her slutting around!). Anyway, this night she was a little plowed and was here on the phone speaking to me outside a bar when someone came up to her and was flirting...I told her to flash him while her friend took pics, and then allow him to grab her tits...that is what you see here... the next few are just random shots taken in san francisco: payless shoes, sunday brunch, and out in the street...hope you enjoy! Please post your comments, the little lady responds quite well to these!! Dr. Benway Please post as: Flashing Slave 2

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Fucking my ex in cuba hallo peoples, you like the piktures i have send befor ? I would like to have email contact to oder bi-girls how talk german. love lulu hallo leute, ich hoffe dass euch die bilder nr. 1 gefallen haben ? ich hätte gern kontakt zu bi-frauen die deutsch sprechen! love eure


search people like me Those of you mad for some spare clips make your marks in the comments, which I thank you for taking the time to do along with votes you shed. All I ever do on here is wish others to enjoy the sights and live these shenanigans with vicarious glee. Enjoy!