Nudism Photos


Just some for fun!
Hi ya'll!! I'm wondering if anybody can guess where this "Main" street is? Norseman dropped me off in the street there naked....I walked a little ways down thesidewalk before I saw these guys working on guns in the window! I waved and they seemed a little shocked to see me. Then Norseman had me wait at the pole to see if they would come out....They did!! One of the guys thought perhaps I needed some help, and kinda came running out!! ha ha I just stood at the pole trying to explain to him that I was perfectly happy just to stand out there naked....I think he kinda understood before I left. I really have had a great day and I hope ya'll like the pictures. Love,

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Fun At the park I can't believe its been a year already since I started sharing here and I just wanted to thank you all for making me feel welcome at RC. It's been great getting to know you in the BB's and I hope to continue to make more friends. Thanks again and I hope you check out part 1 in Private Shots.


Introducing SxL- I wanted to show her off on here. Just a few of her hot boobs. she doesnt think anyone wants to see them but I think they are awesome. Please give her good comments and maybe she will let me post more!! Please dont forget to vote!