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Ilse has strangers visiting her on the beach 2 of 2)

New pic my wife
My boyfriend's good friend came in from out of town so we did a few photos with him. Sorry I am somewhat covered but I have had some female problems. I am much better now and will be back naked next week. Hope you guys and girls understand. We will be posting the rest of these on I will be doing some fuck pictures in the very near future. It really turns me on when someone is banging me hard and I hear the camera shutter go off. I know that a lot of you wonder why I have not posted photos of me getting laid. Well the ladies in the audience understand that girls do have problems every now and then. Your good buddies,

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Slim Beaut What do You imagine behind sliding doors? Maybe someone who can come into Your life, turn You on and...let You forget everything! Anyway, let's see if I can satisfy Your imagination... I know that You do not really wanna close the doors, but that's all folks! Kisses Claire


my honey dance THIS IS MY 30th CONTRI!!! Enjoy the pictures! I had lots of fun standing in the middle of a park, some people were watching and I felt it so thrilling. :P I'm thinking about taking pics to redclouds but I'm not sure yet... what do you think about my naughty idea?