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The Butterfly Babe, my wife, and I were just leaving a wedding reception and were about to drive to our hotel so that the next day we could fly to Italy to go on a tall ship cruise in the Mediterranean. As we left the parking lot at the reception we needed $10.00 to exit the parking lot. Unfortunately I only had $9.00 in my wallet so my wife went to the trunk to get her purse to get a fucking $1.00!. As she went around the back of the car, the car behind us hit her and our car. Falling to the ground my wife broke her leg and as we found out later, her ankle as well. Undaunted and totally focused on going to the hotel my wife stood up and walked to the car saying she was okay. An hour later we arrived at the hotel and she couldn't walk. Reluctantly she agreed to go to the hospital for xrays. We were there until 4am and when we finally got the xrays our worst fears were confirmed. Her leg was quite broken. It was one of those excruciating moments when you realzie your entire vacation plans were sunk. Long story short...We didn't make our cruise along with the 2 years of planning. However, we had already booked Key West. Still using a cane my wife was now determined to make it to Fantasy Fest. She was such a trooper. I know the cane isn't the most attractive apparel, but she did it! I hope you like these pics. They are very special to us. As always we love reading your comments. One update....The cane is gone. Although the Butterfly Babe still has an ankle brace she's on the mend:)Hugs to all our loyal naturist and Red Cloud friends!

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Would you fuck her? Well the last time my contri went straight to redclouds. No problem but I want a broader audience. I love the freeway!! All they can do is say, as the pass by, " Did you see that?!!!" WHAT A FEELING!! I hope you enjoy ! Especially HEIDI and MANDC! Looking forward to that meeting with another contributer.


near strand It was a long trip driving home on New Years Eve, but it was enjoyable with a bright sunny day. Sharing a few flashes to truckers along the way, and then a good time once we got home made it a good trip and hopefully entertaining enough to share with Redcloud members.