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Candi Annie is a marketing executive that has fantasized for years about what it would be like to be an adult film star. Husband Al shares in that fantasy (thrilled in the idea of his wife being desired by others) and suggested they act out their fantasies with a few private jpg shoots. Candi loves to fuck in front of the camera! She poses and looks into the camera lens as if looking into the eyes of all those who are watching her erotic adventures. She loves to disappear away from the corporate world and into her fantasy world where thousands of men (& women) love to watch her masturbate, get her pussy licked to perfection, ride her mans cock or take him for a ride as he ejaculates deep in her pussy . She pushes her pussy forward into AlA’s darting tongue , thrusting her body as she reaches her climax at the end of his mouth, her back arches as she feels her pussy fill with her sweet juice. Her eyes roll back in her head as she feels his warm cum overflow her pussy and drip down her thigh. So much to put in a 3 minute video! This shortened version of their first videotaped session contains all of that and a CANDI CREAM PIE to finish off with! Enjoy

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Just a quit saturday night Hi My name is Dee and I love dressing up and wearing stockings and high heels. If anyone has any special requests please let me know!! Must go now its Bed bath time!! I hope to hear from anyone who enjoyed my pictures and look forward to making another contribution.


More Shots of Jenny. My wife suprised me with some hot pics at my work. I went straight home and we had hot hot day and night. I told my wife that she should show her body to others. So its up to you now the more votes the sooner new pics are coming this way.